Young People

JCF is proud to be an innovator for new programs and to fund established programs for young people in Greater MetroWest NJ, Israel, and around the world.

PJ Library

Funded in part by JCF Endowments, this Harold Grinspoon Foundation program sends FREE Jewish books and music to children in our communities. Sign up here: PJ Library

Greater MetroWest Day School Campaign

A national model in enhancing academic excellence and affordability at Jewish day schools. Included is the “The Quest for Teaching Excellence,” a four-year, million dollar investment in teaching professional development in Jewish day schools. GMW Day Schools

The Ness Fund

A JCF Advisory Council, the Ness Fund makes grants to support economic development in the Negev region of Israel with an emphasis on younger populations. Ness Fund

The GMW Birthright Israel “Bus”

Our community was the first to create an endowment for Birthright Israel, which virtually ensures that young people (ages 18-26) from our community can experience this free 10-day trip to Israel. Birthright Israel


Scholarships for college and high school students to study in Israel. Scholarships

Jewish Women’s Foundation

A JCF Advisory Council comprised of members whose pooled dues allow grants to me made to advance the lives of vulnerable girls and their families. JWF

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