Ner Tamid Society

Ner Tamid

What is the Ner Tamid Society?

Ner Tamid Society members are a distinguished group of Federation donors who have given to the UJA Annual Campaign for 25 or more years. Ner Tamid Society donors have established their commitment to strengthening the Jewish community, year after year.

Every Ner Tamid Society contribution, from $18 to $10,000+, fortifies the foundation upon which our Jewish community’s safety nets for those in need are constructed. Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ is indebted to the 2,300 Ner Tamid Society members who have taken it upon themselves to make a life-long commitment to making a difference.

See the Difference You’ve Made Through the Decades. Thank You!

One of the biggest misconceptions about legacy giving that only the wealthy can do it. In fact, anyone can plan a legacy gift, regardless of their current income or assets.

The most common types of legacy gift include:

  • A bequest in a will
  • A beneficiary designation in a retirement fund [e.g., IRA, 401(k), 403(b)]
  • A beneficiary designation in a life insurance policy
  • An outright gift of life insurance (such as a policy that’s no longer needed)

You can make Federation’s UJA Annual Campaign a part of your legacy to secure the future of the Jewish community, the community which was built upon the foundation of your contributions. By making a legacy gift, you’ll make a powerful statement to your family and the community that our Jewish future matters to you.

Donor Profile: Sandy Hollander

Sanford Sanford “Sandy” Hollander has lost count of how many trips he’s taken to Israel. “Somewhere around 120, I think,” he says. This, however, seems to be the only detail about his 80-plus-year life that he can’t recollect clearly. He remembers quite clearly the first time he saw an example of “Jewish responsibility” – he prefers this phrase to “philanthropy” – he saw from his father. He remembers, and celebrates, the anniversary of the first time he met his wife-to-be, Roz. He remembers the first time he made a meaningful gift to the UJA Campaign and when he endowed his gift. And so much more. more


The Jewish Community Foundation thanks our current Ner Tamid Society donors who have already established a legacy.


For more information contact Debra H. Levenstein, Senior Development Officer at or (973) 929-2947.