Have you considered starting your own foundation, yet want to minimize administrative distractions?


A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) allows you to centralize your charitable giving while allowing JCF Greater MetroWest to handle administrative details.  When you open a DAF at JCF we will:

  • process donations into your Fund
  • make grants based on your recommendations in a timely manner
  • send you quarterly statements by mail
  • manage the investments in your fund


Opening a DAF at JCF allows you to make contributions now yet recommend grant distributions later, at your convenience.   Simply complete an online form, or fax us your recommendations.  Grants may be made to recognized non-profit organizations anywhere in the world, and all organizations are vetted by JCF for your peace of mind.

DAFs make philanthropy powerful, simple, and are an attractive alternative to private foundations. In fact, from a tax-planning perspective, Donor Advised Funds may offer a very attractive alternative to private foundations. 




While DAFs are included in the JCF investment pools, philanthropists looking to invest charitable assets outside of JCF investment pools may consider opening a Supporting Foundation. JCF Supporting Foundations are separately incorporated yet utilize JCF’s non-profit status.  They can be a wonderful solution for donors and families eager to engage in significant multi-generational family philanthropy without also assuming responsibility for the legal and administrative oversight required of a private foundation.



Compare Donor Advised Funds, Supporting Foundations and Private Foundations:




Dissolving a Private Foundation?  Learn more here.