Center for Strategic PhilanthropyThe Center for Strategic Philanthropy will help you bring your charitable vision to life. We support you in thoughtful and impactful philanthropy while providing a unique focus on Jewish values and community.

Philanthropic Guidance

Our expert team will work with you to

  • Develop and refine your giving values, strategy, and goals
  • Write a charitable mission statement
  • Maximize your philanthropic impact
  • Establish clear criteria for grant review
  • Engage your multi-gen family
  • Ask great questions and evaluate charities
  • Introduce you to incredible programs and organizations, site visits included
  • Evaluate progress of your charitable goals
  • Provide tools and resources
  • Create your philanthropic legacy
  • Connect you to like-minded donors
  • Facilitate annual meetings for supporting foundations

Innovations Fund

You can create positive change in the world. Contact us to learn more.The GMW Innovations Fund will encourage smart, strategic growth and creative program development in our Jewish community, Israel and worldwide. Our committee is working hard to develop criteria for FY 2019 grants.

Kim Hirsh
Center for Strategic Philanthropy

(973) 929-3026

Yaffa Karp
Senior Development Officer
Center for Strategic Philanthropy

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